A New Season

our-story-01After 31 years of marriage, raising five sons and establishing a successful residential construction and development company in Maple Ridge, B.C., Michelle and I were starting to dream about retirement.

We knew we were entering a new season in life…so we started to ask God,
“What’s next?”

God seemed to answer that “What’s next?” question with his own question: “Are you willing to be totally surrendered to my will for your life?”

Michelle and I have both faithfully served in our Foursquare church for the last three decades in various leadership roles. I went on my first mission’s trip with our church to Nicaragua back in 1996. That trip was a life-changing experience that would see me returning with teams to Nicaragua and Costa Rica every year for the next 19 years.

img159Our teams would typically have a medical, dental, construction and evangelism focus. Michelle held down the fort at home, taking care of our boys while I was gone.

Then, in 2007, Michelle and our sons started to join our teams and as a family we travelled to Costa Rica twice to support our friend’s missionary work there.

In 2013, sensing God calling us into something new, we began to intentionally seek him as to what that might be.

The answer came via Christian development organization Engineering Ministries International (eMi).

Answering the Call to eMi

In January 2014, I was introduced to eMi through an architect friend. To be honest, when asked to consider volunteering with eMi, I was resistant. But, after six months of God’s nudging, I caved in and contacted eMi’s global office. Truth to be told, I was afraid of what I might hear in response to my query.

Then the answer came:

“We’re trying to re-open our office in Central America. You’re a builder/developer that’s been doing missions in Central America? Would you consider praying if God might be calling you to join us?”

My first thoughts? How will this go over with Michelle? What about our kids and grandkids? What about our business? What about our house?

Michelle’s response? “Maybe God is trying to tell us something, why don’t we prayerfully move forward and see what happens?” That summer was an intense time of seeking God’s guidance.

our-story-04In September 2014, I went to Peru with an eMi design team to learn more about them. After returning home, we continued to pray for God’s guidance and decided to keep moving forward.

We applied to eMi and found ourselves in Colorado for an orientation session in January 2015. Two months later, we travelled to Managua, Nicaragua, with our future office staff to confirm Managua was where God wanted this office. The answer seemed to be yes. Returning home, we sold our house and started to transition our business to our two oldest sons.

Nicaragua Bound

On February 13, 2016, we will move to Managua, Nicaragua, back to where I had my life-changing experience 20 years ago. My role will be in project management. Michelle will help in eMi’s office and is praying about volunteering with one of the many missions’ organizations in Managua.

our-story-03We’re so grateful for God’s grace and blessing on our life, and thankful for the great lengths he goes to to accomplish his purpose in us. We pray his name will be gloriffied in everything he does in us and through us in Nicaragua.

Learn how you can support us or join the journey to Nicaragua yourself.

– Brent Ellingson